Privacy Policy

We take privacy very seriously at XeerSoft. We’ve created this privacy policy (Policy) to communicate to You in the clearest possible way on how we handle personal information.

You are encouraged to read this Policy thoroughly to allow you to make informed decisions about sharing your personal information with us.

By using our Service and  accessing our Website, You agree to be legally bound by the terms and conditions of this Policy.

Collecting Your Data

XeerSoft is the provider of Malaysia’s first GST Backup with GST tools in Malaysia that extends Your current GST certified systems.

The Service involves storing Data about an individual or company. That Data may include personal information. The definition of “personal information” is information about an identifiable person. It may include information such as the person’s name, telephone number, email address, taxation details, bank account details, financial information and so on.

XeerSoft may collect personal information directly from You when You :

You have the right to choose not to provide Your personal information to XeerSoft. Should You choose not to provide Your personal Information, it may mean that we are unable to provide You with our Service.

Receiving 3rd-party Information From You

Through Your usage of our Service, XeerSoft may collect information from You about a 3rd-party. If You provide XeerSoft with the personal information about a 3rd  party, it is Your sole responsibility to ensure that You have the authority to disclose that information to XeerSoft, without XeerSoft taking any extra steps required by applicable privacy and data protection laws. XeerSoft is permitted to collect, use and disclose such information under the terms described in this policy.

This means that You must take steps within reason to ensure that the party concerned is aware of and/or agrees to the various terms written in this Policy. This includes the fact that their personal information is being collected, the reason why their information is being collected, the planned recipients of that information, the party’s right to gain access to that information, XeerSoft’s identity, and how to get in touch with XeerSoft.

You must also assist XeerSoft with any requests by the party to access or update the personal information You’ve collected from them and inputted into our Service where requested to do so by XeerSoft.

Using Your Data

XeerSoft collects Your personal information in order to provide You with the Service and related services You may ask for. By doing that, XeerSoft may use the personal information we’ve collected from You for purposes related to the Services which includes but not limited to:

By using the Service, You agree to Your personal information being collected, held and used in this way and for any other usages authorised by You. XeerSoft will only use Your personal information according to the terms detailed in this Policy or with Your express permission.

Keeping Your password to the Service safe is Your responsibility. Should you become aware of any misuse of Your password, you should notify us as soon as possible and change with password within the Service immediately or via the “Reset Password” procedure.

Data Aggregation

By using the Service, You consent that XeerSoft can access, aggregate and utilize non-personally identifiable data XeerSoft has collected from You. There is no way that this data will identify You or any other individual.

XeerSoft may use this aggregated non-individually identifiable data to:

Your Personal Information is Hosted on Servers in Malaysia

All of the data that is inputted into the Service by You or automatically imported into the Service upon Your instruction is transferred into XeerSoft’s server through the Internet. These data includes personal and non-personal information. By using the Service, You agree to the terms of this policy where Your personal information is transferred into our servers.

Our servers are primarily hosted in AIMS DATA CENTRE SDN. BHD. located in Malaysia. As part of the Service, your personal information will be transferred through and saved on the aforementioned servers. However, XeerSoft may migrate the location of our servers to another Datacenter, or other Cloud services as XeerSoft deem fit without any prior notice. We suggest you to review our Policy regularly to stay on top of any updates.

You agree to XeerSoft storing Your personal information on servers hosted in Malaysia when You provide Your personal information to XeerSoft. Your personal information will remain within XeerSoft’s effective control at all times even though it is stored on servers located in Malaysia. We’ve limited the server host’s role to only providing hosting and storage service to XeerSoft. We’ve taken precautions to ensure that our server hosts use the appropriate level of protection for Your personal information and that they cannot access to Your personal information.

You should not provide Your personal information to XeerSoft or use the Service if you do not want Your personal information to be transferred to a server located in Malaysia.

Steps are taken to safeguard your Personal Information

XeerSoft commits to safeguard Your personal information. We take all reasonable measures to prevent modification, unauthorised access, or disclosure.

With that said, we recognize that the Internet itself is not a secured environment thus we cannot give absolute guarantee that Your information will be safe at all times. You are at Your own risk when sending personal information over the Internet. You are advised to only instruct the input of, or enter personal information to the Service within a safe environment.

When we discovered or being advised of a security breach resulting in Your personal information being stolen, lost, accessed, used, disclosed, modified, copied or disposed of by any unauthorised party or in any unauthorised manner, we will advise You at the first reasonable opportunity.

Personal Information Disclosure in Limited Circumstances

XeerSoft will only reveal the personal information You have provided to parties outside of XeerSoft when necessary and appropriate to comply for the purpose for which Your personal information was collected in accordance to this Policy, including the provision of the Service.

Unless You have provided your express consent, XeerSoft will not disclose Your personal information to a third party. With that said, You should be informed that XeerSoft may be required to disclose Your personal information without Your consent to comply with any court orders, subpoenas, or other legal process or investigation (including tax authorities), if such disclosure is required by law. Wherever appropriate and possible, we will inform You if we are required by law to disclose Your personal information.

Apart for the limited purpose of storing the information, the third parties who host our servers do not control, and are not permitted to access or use Your personal information.

From time to time, this policy may be updated

Xeersoft reserves the right to amend this policy at any time. Any updated Policy is effective upon posting to this Website. XeerSoft will make every reasonable effort to communicate significant changes to You via email or notification through the service. Continued usage of the Service by you will be deemed as acceptance of any amendment to the Policy.