Security Statements

User Controlled Access

You control the access to your data. Nobody can access your data without your permission. By allowing your Accountant or Auditor to have secure access via Cloud Accounting, it is much more secure than sending your data via email, disc or USB. Unlike desktop system, your data could not be copied or kept by anyone, and you can revoke their permission to access XeerSoft anytime.

Our support personnel also do not have access to the data unless is invited to help. Customers control who can access your XeerSoft data.

Physical Security

XeerSoft servers is stored in enterprise graded hosting environment. Access is restricted to authorised Rackspace staff by a combination of biometric systems and 24/7 onsite security guards and is continually audited to meet security standards.

Firewalls and Network Security

External access to the XeerSoft servers is controlled by multiple layers of firewalls, intrusion protection systems and routers.

Data Protection and Backup

XeerSoft service availability performance stands at over 99.9% since launching the service in 2004.

All client data is backed up daily. XeerSoft also runs a continuous server data back-up service into a second location for further real-time data protection.

A monthly backup is taken to backup hard disks, the hard disks are stored securely at external site and a long distance from the data centre.

Example of Desktop Data and Security Risks which is solved by XeerSoft Cloud

Data stolen physically

Your accounting data could be stolen and accessed physically by
– thiefs physically stealing your desktop / laptop
– ex-staff copying data and taking them home
– rouge enforcement officers looking for bribes
– hackers into your network, trying to ransom your data back to you

If your data is on XeerSoft cloud, we leverage the economy of scale to provide the best secure environment for your data and system

Loss of data

In-house server, or local data is more prone to data loss from desktop spoilage, fire, or theft. XeerSoft's automated backup ensures your data is secure, and is real-time replicated to ensure your data and system usage is stable and worry-free.